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Top 20 Defense Contractor Assessments

Published: Sep 2011 - Pages: 45 - Report code: ASDR-23104

Top 20 Defense Contractor Assessments

Industry Perceptions as Indicated by Government, Military Procurement Officers, Other Industry Executives

DID asked more than 600 industry executives about their personal experiences with the top defense contractors. Compiling hundreds of unvarnished comments, and tens of thousands of data points, the resulting study shows the topography of industry perceptions, including hard-to-get data on what the procurement officers themselves are thinking.

The study reveals the areas where specific defense firms are perceived to be weak, and importantly, which subgroups within the industry believe so. Where these perceptions are misimpressions, the study's identification of the particular concerns makes them highly addressable.

The 45-page main report contains 30 pages of charts and graphs.This study is an important tool for defense executives who need to know their position relative to their competition, including senior executives; business development professionals; project managers and financial analysts. This qualified industry data - unavailable elsewhere - is used to position firms competitively against one another and to help identify market misimpression's that need to be dispelled.

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