Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) systems are absolutely critical to the full spectrum of land-based military operations. Equipment relevant to the global RSTA systems market ranges from personal gear such as night vision goggles (NVG) and thermal weapon sights (TWS) to counter-fire radar systems and vehicle-mounted long-range reconnaissance and surveillance sensors. We examine the commercial prospects for companies involved in supplying these types of RSTA systems or looking to break into this expanding marketplace. Our analysis have concluded that global government spending on RSTA systems willtotal $3.36bn in 2011.

The Military Ground Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) Systems Market 2011-2021 report assesses the business opportunities presented by this critical land systems marketplace. Our study examines the 12 leading national markets for RSTA systems by sales, plus five system submarkets, as well as assessing the wide range of factors that are driving sales growth around the world.

This analytical report defines the current state of the global RSTA systems market and discusses its potential for growth from 2011 to 2021, with detailed sales forecasting carried out at global, national and submarket levels. We analyse the combination of drivers and restraints that are resulting in increasing sales. We also examine the most promising areas of technological development that are likely to affect procurement decisions over our forecast period.

  • How is the procurement of RSTA systems likely to be affected as government budgets continue to come under intense pressure?
  • Which national marketplaces offer the most significant sales growth opportunities over the next decade?
  • Which technology is likely to prevail?
  • How will military commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other theatres, affect spending plans?

We seek to answer these critical questions and many more through the in-depth analyses presented within this market report.

A comprehensive analysis of the global RSTA systems market

The Military Ground Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) Systems Market 2011-2021 report examines the global market for RSTA systems from an impartial standpoint. We offer a review of significant contracting activity based on our close analysis of information obtained from multiple sources. The report draws on a rich combination of official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and a gathering of unique expert opinion from experienced industry figures. These primary research interviews are not available elsewhere - only by ordering this report will you have access to them.

The Military Ground Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) Systems Market 2011-2021 provides detailed sales forecasts for the global market, 12 leading national markets and five system submarkets; a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis; discussions of commercial and technological trends; and assessments of the most important market drivers and restraints. This report also includes transcripts of two interviews with industry experts involved in the RSTA systems sector. This package of analyses cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Why you should buy The Military Ground Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) Systems Market 2011-2021

  • You will come to understand the current state of the global RSTA systems marketplace and form a clear vision of how it is set to develop, based on our market forecasts for 2011 to 2021, and analysis of commercial and technological trends.
  • The analysis and forecasting has been informed by extensive consultation with expert opinion. Full transcripts of 2 exclusive interviews are included in the report. You will learn what experts from two companies operating in the RSTA systems sector think the future holds by reading original interviews covering a range of highly relevant topics. The featured companies are:
    - Saab AB
    - Telephonics Corporation
  • You will also be able to study a total of 97 tables, charts and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the RSTA market in detail from 2011-2021.
    You will be able to study forecasts for the 12 leading national RSTA markets:
    - US
    - China
    - UK
    - Saudi Arabia
    - France
    - Germany
    - Iraq
    - Russia
    - South Korea
    - Australia
    - Italy
    - Canada
    - RoW
  • You will also be able to study 5 RSTA submarket forecasts:
    - Counter-Fire Radar Systems
    - Thermal Weapons Sights (TWS)
    - Long Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems
    - Laser Rangefinders
    - Night Vision Devices (NVD)
  • You will gain an insight into the global RSTA systems market's potential for further sales growth by examining the most important commercial and technological market trends.
  • You will find out how leading players in the global RSTA systems marketplace are performing, with profiles of 15 leading RSTA systems companies accompanied by analysis of significant contracts awarded in recent years.
  • You will be able to appreciate the range of factors affecting market growth with our examination of the key market drivers and restraints, and SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

We have identified continuing demand from governments for the acquisition of RSTA systems in coming years. Our analysis demonstrates that the global RSTA systems market is a growing marketplace offering government contract opportunities that are likely to see a range of companies realising commercial success, from the major defence and security prime contractors to much smaller electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensor manufacturers.

Anyone with an interest in the future procurement of RSTA systems cannot afford to miss out on acquiring the combination of information and insight that only this new report can provide.

Gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this important market right now by ordering The Military Ground Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) Systems Market 2011-2021.