Food manufacturers have traditionally been one or more steps removed from their consumers - separated by retailers, wholesalers and even international divides. The stunning popularity of online shopping has created a new opportunity for FMCG companies to develop and nurture direct relationships with consumers, and in doing so, create more successful outcomes.


By carefully understanding the major determinants of online success (findability, consumer reviews, bundling, mobile) food producers can sidestep the usual channels, developing new, more profitable revenue streams that leverage their brand capital directly with consumers.


Extract: “Technology is enabling brands to build virtual personal relationships with their customers. Such direct customer relationships in the digital world, however, also bring logistical challenges in the physical world, where consumers now expect instant service and fulfilment. Online, consumers search for the best choice and price, and the fastest service; and companies which provide these successfully will be rewarded by their customers.”


This report outlines the three key areas that food manufacturers must grasp:


? Online grocery

  • Direct selling
  • Mobile shopping

Once established, the authors, Professor David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing, Imperial College London and Miguel Flavi?n of, provide practical advice on how each area can be addressed. This compact report also includes numerous examples of food manufacturers who are winning the battle for online sales.


The path to purchasing products and services is much more varied now, and
manufacturers who can overcome some of the constraining limitations of the traditional
supermarket grocery model are able to to offer new products and services, build better relationships with consumers and drive sales.


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