Application Programming Interfaces (API) are a fundamentally recognized term in all IT centric industries. All types of enterprises, it seems, from web-based merchants and service providers through to more traditional retailers and media companies, are today using APIs to allow them to collaborate more closely with external partners such as application developers and third-party service providers. 

The mobile communications industry is no different in this respect. Carriers worldwide are recognizing that collaborating with partners using APIs can be used to generate new sources of revenue, drive innovation, increase competitiveness and retain and attract new customers.  Carriers have a vast array of assets they can leverage to drive incremental revenues. When these assets are integrated within innovative applications, they strengthen the value of the application and the end-user experience.

Target Audience:

  • Regulatory and Policy Groups
  • Exporters, Importers and Traders
  • Business and Financial Institutions
  • Associations and Technology Groups
  • Corporate and Institutional Investors
  • Government and International Bodies
  • Lawyers, Bankers, Libraries, Embassies
  • Patent Offices and Technology Executives
  • Venture Capitalists, Consultants and more
  • Management Consulting and Advisory Firms