Today billions of devices generate data associated with various enterprise and consumer lifestyle events such as shopping activity, utility usage and other smart grid data, advertisement response, status of goods in transport, weather forecasts, traffic conditions, unscheduled and schedule maintenance of vehicles, aviation delays and timings, downloads and usage of applications, and much more.

Data generated is typically raw, unstructured, and in need of processing and presentation to decision makers. This can ultimately take the form of tables, charts and infographics that will help company executives to design strategies, performance improvement plans, etc.

Big Data and Analytics software and applications will play a crucial role in making IoT a success. The data generated through sensors embedded in various things/objects will generate massive amounts of unstructured (big) data on real-time basis that holds the promise for intelligence and insights for dramatically improved decision processes.
IoT in consumer and industrial sectors generate huge amount of data through mobile devices, sensors, events, web access logs, machines, apps, clicks etc.

Target Audience:

  • Regulatory and Policy Groups
  • Exporters, Importers and Traders
  • Business and Financial Institutions
  • Associations and Technology Groups
  • Corporate and Institutional Investors
  • Government and International Bodies
  • Lawyers, Bankers, Libraries, Embassies
  • Patent Offices and Technology Executives
  • Venture Capitalists, Consultants and more
  • Management Consulting and Advisory Firms