Mobile network operator "Heterogeneous Networks" (HetNet) are based on a combination of small cells, macro cells and carrier WiFi.  HetNets are expected to play a pivotal role in addressing network capacity needs, bring about improvements in carrier operations, and create opportunities for new revenue streams.
This research provides an in-depth assessment of the carrier WiFi and small cells market, including business models, market drivers, challenges, value chain analysis, operator and vendor strategies, and a quantitative assessment of the industry with detailed forecasts for 2015 to 2020.  The report includes analysis of business drivers, business case, and provides strategy assessment for implementation and operation.
The report covers the following topics:
  • Business Case for Carrier WiFi and Small Cells: An assessment of the business case for Carrier WiFi and small cells.
  • Technology Review: A review of the underlying technology supporting Carrier WiFi and small cell solutions
  • A Review of Carrier WiFi and Small Cell Deployments: A review of major Carrier WiFi and small cell solution deployments by Carriers worldwide
  • Carrier and Vendor Strategies: An analysis of how Carriers and vendors will position themselves to capitalize on Carrier WiFi and small cell opportunity
  • Market Analysis and Forecasts: A global and regional assessment of the market size (unit shipments and revenues) and forecasts for the Carrier WiFi and small cells market from 2015 to 2020
  • Industry Value Chain: An analysis of the Carrier WiFi and small cells value chain with indicative revenue assessments of key market players across the value chain and predictions about the economic model evolution
  • Carrier WiFi and Small Cells Industry Roadmap 2015 - 2020: An analysis of the roadmap for the industry from 2015 to 2020

This report is a must-read for anyone evaluating the potential for carrier WiFi and small cells in terms of revenue opportunities for infrastructure and service (including Cloud-based) vendors, network operator strategies, revenue opportunities, and the future of carrier networks. 

Questions answered in the report include:

  • How is the industry's value chain structured?
  • What is future of Carrier WiFi and Small Cells?
  • How many LTE enabled small cells will ship in 2020?
  • What are the key strategies to develop for carrier WiFi operation?
  • How much will the Carrier WiFi and small cell markets be worth in 2020?
  • What are Carrier's attitudes towards Carrier WiFi and small cell solutions?
  • What benefits do small cells and Carrier WiFi deployments bring to Carriers?
  • What is Cloud RAN and how will cloud RAN deployments affect the small cell industry?
  • The much CAPEX can Carriers save by deploying Carrier WiFi and small cell solutions?
  • What will be the regional outlook for revenue in the Carrier WiFi and small cells market?
  • Which vendors are leading the market and what key strategies for vendors capitalizing on?

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Target Audience:

  • Investment Firms
  • Application Developers
  • Mobile Device Vendors
  • Mobile Network Carriers
  • Service Bureau Companies
  • WiFi Infrastructure Vendors
  • Wireless Infrastructure Vendors
  • Small Cell Infrastructure Vendors
  • Telecom Managed Service Providers