Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) in the Energy Industry 2015-2025

CAPEX on New Build ROVs & AUVs, and Spending on ROV Operations

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Aug 2015 244 Visiongain ASDR-216072
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) in the Energy Industry 2015-2025

This new 244 page report reveals that the ROV market will see CAPEX of $1.253bn in 2015, including spending on ROV new builds and ROV Operations.

The ROV New Build submarket is worth $157.5m in 2015 while the ROV Operations submarket is worth $1.095bn in the same year. Though the oil price fall has affected spending in both sections of the ROV market, strong growth is anticipated for much of the ten year forecast period owning to the increasing depth and complexity of operations and expanding HSQE regulations.

Are you involved in the ROV market or plan to be? If so, then you must read this report
It’s vital that you keep your ROV market knowledge up to date. You need this report.

Market scope: The report provides detailed projections of capital expenditure for the ROV market as a whole, as well as for the new builds and operations submarkets. The latter submarket is further broken down by region, with analysis included of the types of sectors driving demand for ROV operations in the different regions (e.g. construction support, drilling operations, decommissioning). In addition to market forecasts from 2015-2025, our new study shows current market data, market shares, original critical analysis, and revealing insight into commercial developments.

The Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) in the Energy Industry 2015-2025 report responds to your need for definitive market data:

• Where are the ROV market opportunities?
- 188 tables, charts, and graphs reveal market data allowing you to target your strategy more effectively

• When will the ROV market grow?
- Global, regional and ROV submarket forecasts and analysis from 2015-2025 illustrate the market progression

• Why will the ROV market evolve?
- Read an expert interview with a key opinion leader revealing the factors.
- This report features an exclusive interview with Harry Jarvis, the ROV Director at Subsea 7.

• Which ROV submarkets will flourish from 2015-2025?
- Stay informed about the potential for each of the ROV submarkets with forecasts and analysis from 2015-2025:

- For the new build submarket, subdivided into:
- CAPEX on observational, inspection, light work-class
- CAPEX on medium and heavy work-class ROVs.

- Spending on ROV operations, i.e. the value of contracts for ROV services.
- The ROV operations submarket includes forecasts for the following regions:
- Africa
- Asia Pacific
- Europe
- North America
- Rest of the World
- South America

• Where are the regional ROV market opportunities from 2015-2025?
- Focused regional forecasts and analysis explore the future opportunities
- ROVs in the European Energy Industry Market Forecast 2015-2025
- ROVs in the North American Energy Industry Market Forecast 2015-2025
- ROVs in the South American Energy Industry Market Forecast 2015-2025
- ROVs in the African Energy Industry Market Forecast 2015-2025
- ROVs in the Asia Pacific Energy Industry Market Forecast 2015-2025
- Market Forecast for ROVs in the Energy Industry of the Rest of the World 2015-2025

• What are the factors influencing ROV market dynamics?
- SWOT and PEST analyses explores the factors.
- Technological issues and constraints.
- Supply and demand dynamics
- Competition from new product types
- Advances in product quality
- Analysis of barriers to entry

• Who are the leading ROV companies?
- Our report reveals the companies of central importance to this market, with detailed profiles for each. Profiles contain details of the portfolio of ROVs operated or manufactured by the companies, along with an overview of recent merger activity and a future outlook.
- The report also contains details on other companies in the ROV market and the type of activity they are involved in.

• New Build ROV Manufacturers
- Forum Energy Technologies
- Saab Seaeye
- Schilling Robotics
- Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD)
- VideoRay
• New Build ROV Manufacturers & ROV Service Providers/Operators
- Fugro
- Hallin Marine
- IKM Gruppe
- Oceaneering International Inc.
- Subsea 7 S.A.

• ROV Service Providers/Operators
- Canyon Offshore
- DeepOcean Group
- DOF Subsea
- Harkand
- Saipem
- Technip

• The report also offers an analysis of the composition of the fleet by ROV vehicle type and operator and a forecast of how the ratios of AUVs, work class and light work class vehicles are likely to change during the period under forecast.
- Work Class ROV Fleet by Company, 2008-2015
- Number of ROV Units Operated by Main Operators, 2008-2015
- Percentage of the ROV Fleet Operated by Main Operators 2010
- Percentage of the ROV Fleet Operated by Main Operators 2015
- Share of the Fleet Operated by the Three Main Operators 2008-2015

Who should read this report?
- Anyone within the ROV value chain, including
- CEO’s
- COO’s
- CIO’s
- Business development managers
- Marketing managers
- Suppliers
- Technologists
- Investors
- Banks
- Government agencies
- Contractors

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