Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating condition for those afflicted as well as their family members and caregivers; the situation is only getting worse as the population ages. With the ageing global population, the number of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is predicted to grow during the forecasting period. Alzheimer’s treatment is a high risk, high reward market. Drugs currently available in the market have reached maturity; patent of leading drugs have expired. The current unmet needs represent a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical companies which are developing targeted novel therapies.

Global Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market and Pipeline Drugs Analysis: In 2014, the global market for Alzheimer’s disease drugs was dominated by Namenda and Exelon. Aricept and Memary stands at the third and fourth spot respectively in terms of Alzheimer’s disease drugs sales in 2014. Ebixa, Razadyne/Reminyl, Rivastach and Nootropil are the other popular drugs in the Alzheimer’s disease market. With the patent expiration of popular drugs the sales of the Alzheimer’s drugs has also declined. However, there are several pipeline drugs like Solanezumab, Gantenerumab, Crenezumab and Lu AE58054 among others which are likely to hit the market during the period 2017 - 2020.

Global Alzheimer’s Disease Country Wise Analysis: In the Alzheimer’s disease drugs market, the United States is the largest market. Japan is the second leading market for Alzheimer’s disease drugs market accounting for XXX% market share in 2014. China stands at the third spot in the global Alzheimer’s disease drugs market being followed by India with XXX% share in the same year. The EU5 countries together accounted for over XXX% share of the global Alzheimer’s disease drugs market in 2014.

iGATE RESEARCH report titled “Global Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market & Pipeline Drugs Market Analysis to 2020” is a 150 page report with 74 Figures and 10 Tables. This report analyses the Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market, Alzheimer’s Disease Pipeline Drugs Market and Clinical Trials Analysis, Alzheimer’s Disease - Country Wise Drugs Market, Country Wise Alzheimer’s Disease Prevalence, Major Deals in Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market Landscape, Funding in Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Research, Driving Factors and Challenges for Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market.
The Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market has been analyzed from 7 View Points:

1. Alzheimer’s Disease - Drugs Sales and Forecast
2. Alzheimer’s Disease - Pipeline Drugs Sales Forecast
3. Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs - Country Wise Market and Forecast
4. Alzheimer’s Disease - Country Wise Prevalence and Forecast
5. Alzheimer’s Disease - Pipeline Drugs Clinical Trials Analysis
6. Alzheimer’s Disease - Major Deals in Alzheimer’s Drugs Market
7. Alzheimer’s Disease - Funding in Alzheimer’s Disease Research

The Top 9 Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs covered in the report are as follows:

1. Exelon
2. Razadyne/Reminyl
3. Memary
4. Ebixa
5. Aricept
6. Rivastach
7. Namenda
8. Nootropil
9. Namzaric

The 7 Pipeline Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs covered in the report are as follows:

1. Solanezumab
2. ABT-126
3. idalopirdine
4. Gantenerumab
5. Crenezumab
6. Lu AE58054
7. BIIB037

The 9 Countries Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Market covered in the report are as follows:

1. United States
2. France
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. United Kingdom
7. Japan
8. China
9. India

The Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs Major Deals covered in the report are as follows:

1. Strategic Alliance
2. Licensing Agreement
3. Collaboration Deals
4. Mergers and Acquisitions

Source of Information

iGATE RESEARCH employs rigorous primary and secondary research techniques in developing distinctive data sets and research material for business reports. This report is built by using data and information sourced from Proprietary Information Database, Primary and Secondary Research Methodologies, and In house analysis by iGATE Research dedicated team of qualified professionals with deep industry experience and expertise.

Research Methodologies

Primary Research Methodologies: Questionnaires, Surveys, Interviews with Individuals, Small Groups, Telephonic Interview, etc.

Secondary Research Methodologies: Printable and Non-printable sources, Newspaper, Magazine and Journal Content, Government And NGO Statistics, white Papers, Information on the Web, Information from Agencies Such as Industry Bodies, Companies Annual Report, Government Agencies, Libraries And Local Councils and a large number of Paid Databases.