After decades of R&D, the concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) industry is finally breaking into the utility-scale solar market. GTM Research forecasts new CPV installations to grow from under 5 MW in 2010 to more than 1,000 MW globally by 2015. The key driver enabling CPV to win projects in high-solar resource locations is CPV's ability to provide developers with superior economics, as CPV has a lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) versus the non-concentrating PV alternatives.

Currently, the CPV pipeline is dominated by three system manufacturers: Concentrix Solar, Amonix, and SolFocus. As shown in the chart below, Solar Developers and Independent Power Producers (IPPs), such as Tenaska Solar, Cogentrix, and Sol Orchard have recently partnered with these leading CPV companies to develop large-scale plants in the U.S.

FIGURE: Global CPV Ecosystem

Our CPV report is the most comprehensive analysis available - with over 70 company profiles and a complete listing of key specifications for all 170 CPV projects in operation or under development worldwide. The report focuses on CPV’s competitive position within the greater solar market, and compares High, Medium, and Low CPV versus non-concentrating solar options on key metrics including: installed cost per watt, capacity factor, land usage, O&M costs, current and forecasted LCOE, and bankability.


  • Project tracker with more than 170 CPV projects
  • CPV technology advances and requirements in the field of cells, optics and trackers
  • Comprehensive cost matrices, presenting CPV economics in relation to competing solar technologies
  • CPV cost forecasts through 2015, with in-depth LCOE and capital cost breakdowns by technology and geographic locatio
  • Market demand forecasts through 2015 by country and U.S. stat
  • Market profiles dissecting competitive histories of industry's leading players


  • Why should developers consider CPV for utility scale solar projects?
  • Which are the most bankable CPV systems?
  • How do CPV economics compare against other solar options in high, medium, and low solar resource locations?
  • Who are the key players in the CPV Value Chain – developers, EPCs, III-V triple junction cell manufacturers, Fresnel lens suppliers, tracking system vendors, and electricity purchasers?
  • Which countries show the most potential for CPV adoption?