Market scope: East Africa is fast becoming one of the world’s most interesting oil and gas hotspots. For many years the area was neglected by the world’s oil and gas industry, and even in Africa it was overshadowed by the rapid development in West Africa and the established markets in North Africa. However, with the discovery of both oil & gas reserves in the region over the past five years, opportunities are being created within a number of East African nations.

East Africa covers a territory roughly six times the size of the North Sea but fewer than 600 wells have been drilled in the region to date. The reserve estimates in the region have increased rapidly over the past few years and yet only a small percentage of the region has been properly explored. The market has changed too, as major international companies are becoming involved alongside smaller companies, thus indicating the industry’s confidence in East Africa’s immense potential.

Mozambique and Tanzania’s substantial offshore gas reserves and proximity to Asian demand centres offer the potential for LNG export by the end of the decade, while Uganda and Kenya present opportunities for commercial oil production even sooner. With a significant amount of seismic activity and exploratory drilling already taking place and plans for large midstream infrastructure projects, the East African oil & gas market will attract tens of billions of dollars of investment over the coming decade.

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The East African Oil & Gas Market 2015-2025 report responds to your need for definitive market data:

• Where are the East African oil & gas market opportunities?
- 148 tables, charts, and graphs reveal market data allowing you to target your strategy more effectively

• When will the East African oil & gas market grow?
- View East African capital expenditure forecasts, as well as analysis, from 2015-2025

• Why will the East African oil & gas market evolve?
- This report features a total of 3 interviews: 2 of which are with oil experts and 1 with a security expert.

- The CEO of Swala Energy
- The Managing Director of Heritage Oil Tanzania Ltd.

- The report also provides a 3rd interview with a security specialist, the Regional Director for Saladin Security. Having in depth knowledge of the security situation is vital for businesses looking to operate in the East African region

• Which East African oil & gas submarkets will thrive from 2015-2025?
- What are the key trends and factors affecting each of the East African submarkets? Stay informed about the potential for each of the East African oil & gas submarkets with capital expenditure forecasts and analysis from 2015-2025:

The Upstream Exploration & Development (E&D) Market Forecast 2015-2025, with individual country forecasts for:
- Geophysical Studies
- 2D Seismic Studies
- 3D Seismic Studies
- Onshore Wells
- Offshore Wells and Subsea Development

The Midstream Infrastructure Market Forecast 2015-2025, with individual country forecasts for:
- Pipelines
- LNG Facilities
- GTL Facilities
- Refineries
- Storage

• Where are the leading national East African oil & gas markets from 2015-2025?
- Understand where the greatest levels of capex are currently being spent and the opportunities for growth going forward. You will see where and how opportunities exist with revealing individual market and submarket forecasts and analysis for national markets from 2015-2025.
- Each national market includes both upstream E&D and midstream forecasts and spending breakdowns within each category, as well as information on each oil & gas block and an assessment of future projects and prospects:
- Tanzanian Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025
- Mozambican Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025
- Ethiopian Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025
- Kenyan Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025
- South Sudanese Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025
- Ethiopian Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025
- Somali Oil & Gas Market & Submarket Forecast 2015-2025

• Where are the major East African oil & gas projects and Licence Blocks?
- See details of 18 midstream projects
- Find information on 117 licence blocks

• Who are the leading companies within the East African oil & gas?
- Our report reveals the companies of central importance to this market, with detailed profiles for each. Profiles contain details of the countries and blocks each company operates in within the East African region:
- Afren
- Africa Oil
- Anadarko
- BG Group
- Heritage Oil
- Ophir Energy
- Sasol
- Statoil
- Swala Energy
- Total
- Tullow
- The report also contains details on all other companies in the East African market and the blocks they are involved in.

• Who should read this report?
- Anyone within the oil & gas industry including
- Contractors
- Technologists
- Suppliers
- CEO’s
- COO’s
- Business development managers
- Marketing managers
- Investors
- Banks
- Government agencies