Unmanned Maritime Systems Maturing From Big Problems to Big Opportunities
The world’s unmanned maritime systems market is evolving rapidly under the combined impact of changing maritime threats, shrinking budgets, changing operational needs and significant technological advances, creating a wealth of opportunities for this unique multi-billion dollar market sector. This is one of the major conclusions of a new research report titled: “Unmanned Maritime Systems - Defense & Security UUV & USV – Markets, Technologies & Opportunities Outlook – 2012-2020”.

This analysis-based, 530-page research effort, with its wealth of Figures (292) and Tables (223), examines, analyses and predicts the evolution of USVs and UUVs for defense, security and anti-pirate missions.  

The twin-scenario report provides executives and strategists, business development managers, policy developers, vendors, users, program managers and sales, marketing and acquisition managers a focused, reasoned and actionable analysis covering these subjects, among many others:

  • Unmanned Maritime SystemsCurrent / Future Markets
  • Current / Future Technologies
  • Current / Future Uses
  • Current Vendors & Platforms
  • Mine Counter-Measures
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Port and Harbor Security
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Counter-Piracy

Furthermore, the report includes 50 detailed and reasoned Business Opportunities for equipment, sub-systems, sensors and services providers - ideas that can help establish, maintain and increase market competitiveness, as well as leverage existing or potential capabilities into new markets.

The report’s lead analyst, Mr. Antoine Martin, combines experience in systems and ocean engineering with business development to help companies take the necessary steps to successfully compete in the unmanned systems market.