The report provides a Comprehensive & Insightful Comparative SWOT Framework Analysis on the World’s 7 leading truck manufacturers amid evolving industry dynamics with the global trucking industry driven by robust fundamentals & with the presence of long term, sustainable demand as well as growth drivers given the key role played by the transportation industry towards global economic growth & development. The current & near term picture for the industry, however, shows a difficult terrain marked by a multitude of complex challenges which will have to be navigated by the industry skillfully. The global trucking industry faces headwinds with slowing down of the world economy, stalling of economic recovery in the EU, slump in mining & moderate growth in construction activity besides continued economic challenges across BRIC markets which are likely to impact demand for medium & heavy duty truck segment significantly over near term. Continued demand growth for Class 6-8 trucks in the North American Truck market; driven by continued improvement in freight demand & construction activity; remains as the key growth driver for global trucking industry of-late with emerging markets, too, facing economic issues & challenges. However, continued R&D activity & technological development by the industry; transpiring into enhanced safety, efficiency, performance while offering increased environmental sustainability & reduced operating as well as total lifecycle costs; is likely to be the key demand & growth driver over medium term.

With respect to R&D activity; key focus areas across OEMs include:

  • Introduction of alternate fuel based drivetrains with focus on CNG & LNG in NAFTA and DME & Biodiesel fuels in Europe.
  • Increased usage & standardization of onboard telematics, enhanced cab designs as well as aerodynamic truck designs.
  • Development & introduction of a range of integrated safety & connected vehicle technologies are likely to be focused on by the OEMs. Daimler’s Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2025 & Volvo’s Non-Hit Car and Truck technology projects effectively showcase the spectrum of technological evolution likely over the next decade.

Against this backdrop, the report provides a comprehensive Comparative SWOT framework analysis on the world’s 7 leading truck manufacturers. The framework analyzes the Strengths & Weaknesses of each of the 7 leading global truck makers from a standalone as well as relative perspective based on a detailed analysis of their Internal & External environment respectively focusing on key, strategic business aspects.

The framework subsequently analyzes & identifies potentially significant, niche growth opportunities & avenues and imminent as well as emerging threats for each key industry OEM based on their product portfolio & market positioning, core strengths & weaknesses and overall strategy focus & orientation against the backdrop of emerging industry dynamics & trends. The report analyzes the overall strategic fit & the degree of strategic responsiveness of OEMs to external environmental factors, which include, prevailing industry dynamics & emerging as well as latent industry trends, issues, challenges & potential risk factors to assess their ability to be able to derive further business growth by capitalizing on potential growth opportunities effectively while negating threats simultaneously over near to medium term.

Relevance & Usefulness: The report will be useful for:

  • Quick Overview, Take & Inputs on Key Numbers & Business Operations for OEMs
  • Key Inputs for Competitive Assessment, Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Identification of Core Strengths & Weaknesses for each of the 7 Key Industry Players
  • Identification & Analysis of Potential Growth Opportunities, Avenues & Threats
  • Analysis of Key & Emerging Industry Trends, Issues, Challenges & Potential Risk Factors
  • Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment
  • Analysis of Forces Driving as well as restraining the Industry & their Overall Dynamics
  • Strategic Perspective on the Industry’s Near to Medium Term Strategic Outlook


For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain

This Comparative SWOT Analysis report will be essential for those associated with and having strategic interest in the Global Trucking industry & any of these companies. The report will be especially useful for Key Decision-Makers, Top Management of Companies, OEMs, Suppliers, Distributors, Vendors and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain as well as existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists & all those associated with the Global Trucking Industry or any of these companies.


The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; is custom-built for meetings & presentations, being built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; in addition, to being a ready self-reckoner as well as a quick reference guide driving, enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.