How did over 90 Life Science IT Managers, Directors and C-Level IT Executives rank their Storage and Cloud Vendors?     

Big Data Projects are now plainly a fixture in life science organizations large and small, and the change is coming rapidly. Nearly all of our survey respondents, whether from biotechs, large pharma companies, hospitals or academic institutions, had undertaken major storage upgrades within the last three years, with more than a third reporting major upgrades in the last twelve months alone.   

Participants of the survey include:

  •     C-Level
  •     CIO
  •     VP of IT
  •     IT Director
  •     IT Manager

Included in this Survey:  
  • Demographic Information:  Budgets, Organization Type, Employee Size, Business Drivers, and more
  • Storage & Big Data:  Size, Hosting, Platforms, Products and more
  • Storage Vendors & Satisfaction (17 majors vendors ranked)
  • Cloud Vendors & Satisfaction (9 major vendors ranked)