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Sales and Aftersale Revenues, 2014 $349 B to $546 B by 2022

Global HLS & Public Safety 2020 Market Size [$B] by Vertical Market

13 years have passed since 9/11 and the global Homeland Security (HLS) & Public Safety markets are going through major shifts. Markets once dominated by the U.S., following the January 2015 ISIS terror attacks in Paris are now moving to the EU and the Asia Pacific markets. New and maturing sensor and ICT technologies are creating new market niches and fresh business opportunities. These shifts lead a $349 billion 2014 market to grow to a $546 billion market by 2022.

With 442 pages and 878 tables & figures, the new “Global Homeland Security & Public Safety by Vertical Markets – 2015-2022" report offers for each of its 200+ submarkets 2011-2014 market data and analyses, as well as 2015-2022 forecasts and analyses.

Report Findings Include:

  • Aviation Security: This market which was dominated by the U.S. during 2002-2011, will be overtaken by China, Europe and the Gulf states during the 2015-2022 period. These regions will combine to a market share of more than 60% of the global revenues of the new aviation security systems and devices.
  • Border Security: illegal immigration, organized crime, smuggling of goods & narcotics, and terror are the main drivers of the land border and maritime security markets growth.
  • Safe Cities: As we launch this report, over 2300 municipalities around the globe are executing or planning their Safe City projects to enhance civilian security, safety, local economy and quality of life. A Safe City price tag ranges from $billions down to a few $millions for a Safe Community project.
  • Climate-related natural disasters grew during the recent decade by more than 13%. The Natural Disasters Preparation & Response equipment cumulative 2014-2022 market is forecasted to surpass the $150 billion level.

Why Buy this Report?

  • This is the only report that addresses the HLS & Public Safety dual-use markets. 87% of the HLS & Public Safety industry revenues emanate from vertical sectors. For example, Maritime security is used to address both crime, illegal immigration and terror.

  • Market data analyzed via several key perspectives.
  • With a highly fragmented HLS & Public Safety market we address the “Money trail” – each dollar spent via several viewpoints by Vertical Markets including:
  •         Aviation security,
  •         CBRN & HAZMAT security,
  •         Land border security,
  •         Counter-terror & crime intelligence,
  •         Critical infrastructure security,
  •         Law enforcement ,
  •         1st responders,
  •         Maritime security,
  •         Land transportation security,
  •         Energy & petro-chemical industry security,
  •         Public events security,
  •         Commercial & industrial security systems,
  •         Safe cities,
  •         Diplomatic facilities & personal security,
  •         Natural disasters preparation & response and
  •         Other vertical HLS & Public Safety markets.
  •     Detailed market analysis frameworks for each of the vertical market sectors, including:
  •         Market drivers & inhibitors
  •         Business opportunities
  •         SWOT analysis
  •         Competitive analysis
  •         Business environment
  •         The 2011-2022 market segmented by 200+ submarkets
  •         Technology outlook