This report categorizes the light weapons market on the basis of weapon type, technology, application, regions, and countries. In this report, each of these segments has been analyzed in detail, along with their upcoming trends. The light weapons market can be categorized into guided and unguided weapons, based on technology. Various products which come under guided technology include MANPAD and ATGW; while the unguided weapons market consists of heavy machine guns, MANPATS, mortars, grenades, landmines, and launchers.

Light weapons are categorized by type into 11 segments, namely heavy machine guns, light cannons, MANPADS, recoilless rifles, MANPATS, launchers, infantry mortars, grenades, anti-aircraft missile, anti-tank weapons, and landmines. The report provides a detailed analysis and forecast of these three segments from 2014–2020. This market segment is studied for the defense, homeland security, and commercial markets. Each of the market segments have been analyzed for 2014–2020, on a regional level.

The change in nature of warfare and low procurement cost has resulted in the increased production of light weapons. The licensing procedure and stringent regulation policies pose a restrain to the market. Defense budget cut for light weapons is expected to have a minimum impact on the market. Illicit trading of light weapons and changing customer needs are the major drivers of this market.

It is estimated that the light weapons market shall be dominated by the ATGW, where this market is presumed to grow at a very fast rate during the forecast period. The high precision rate and the highly-sophisticated guided technology are expected to be the key drivers for this market.

The report provides a brief analysis about emerging products in this market, trending technologies, and highlights of the key drivers, restrains, and challenges for this market. This report consists of a complete regional analysis of five geographic regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East, and the Rest of the World (ROW). The countries that cover a major market share in light weapons have also been highlighted in this report.

The report covers a competitive analysis of the light weapons market, based on the major exporters and importers in the world. The key market players across all six regions have been identified for competitive analysis. It also provides the opportunity analysis of various light weapon products, based on their present status in the market and their growth rate. The report provides a competitive landscape to identify key players and their market share in this industry.

Strategic profiling of key players of the light weapons market, along with a comprehensive analysis of their recent developments, investments, and core competencies in each segment has been identified. The company profiles include the financial details, developments with respect to the light weapons market, and their geographic trends. The MNM views included in the company profile provides a SWOT analysis of these companies.
Major companies involved in the manufacturing of light weapons include Alliant Techsystems, Inc. (U.S.), Lockheed Martin (U.S.), Raytheon (U.S.), and General Dynamics (U.S.). These companies are expected to grow their market share in light weapons market in the coming years.