The report presents a detailed market analysis of Smart lighting by incorporating complete pricing and cost analysis of components & products, product benchmarking, Porter’s analysis and PEST (Political, Economic, Social & Technological factor) analysis of the market. The report deals with major lighting products and control systems, market drivers, challenges and opportunities with respect to the global Smart lighting market, which are helpful in understanding the inclination of the market and defining the key success factors.
The lighting products include new innovative light sources such as LED (Light Emitting Diode), Light Fixtures, Compact fluorescent lamps, Fluorescent lamps and HID lamps that help conserve energy along with control systems that include various sensors, dimmers and accessories to serve the purpose of optimization.
The report provides a detailed geographical analysis of the current situation of the industry and estimates the expected growth over the coming years. Further, the report includes the major players in the industry and provides their company profiles. The company profiles include basic information about the companies followed by a brief product portfolio, financial and key developments information and an analyst insight.  The report also presents a detailed competitive landscape of the industry with identification of the key market players, in-depth market share analysis, competitive benchmarking and ranking .Competitive intelligence from the company profiles, key player market strategy such as product launch, merger and acquisition, financial transaction, and collaboration are also included.

The report identifies high growth application area across each vertical and region and maps it to the product. Some of the key application area for smart lighting includes residential, commercial lighting, street lighting and automobiles among others. The report also covers communication and network technology such as wired (Ethernet and protocols), wireless (ZigBee, Z-Wave, Enocean, Bluetooth etc) and dual mesh network.
The growing demand for energy efficient products and increasing government regulations to phase out the incandescent lamps has been identified as key growth enabler. The advent of wireless technology means that the installation of Control systems has become easier and cheaper which will serve as a major driver for more customers to adopt smart lighting systems.

However the incompatibility of various devices to connect to one another is seen as a major challenge for the industry. The report presents detailed impact analysis of the market drivers and challenges based on industry expert’s opinion.

The key players identified in the report include companies such as Osram, Philips, Acuity Brands, Zumtobel, Lutron amongst others