Provides a systematic, ongoing assessment and analysis of goods and technologies to identify those that are critical to the Department of Defense (DoD). A compendium of goods and technologies that DoD assesses would permit significant advances in the development, production, and use of the military capabilities of potential adversaries. Designed to be used as a reference for evaluating potential technology transfers and for reviewing technical reports and scientific papers for public release.

This publication will help you identify the critical areas of technology and the differences between general information and technical data.  It provides a systematic procedure for the ongoing assessment and analysis of goods and technologies, helping to identify those that are judged critical by the Deparment of Defense.

MCTL includes numerous readers' aids as well as a glossary list of acronyms, and a comprehensive index. 

To name a few:

  • Aeronautics      
  • Marine Systems     
  • Electronics
  • Biomedical
  • Nuclear Systems Laser
  • Optics and Imaging . . . . and much more.


  • Publication is updated every 6 months
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