American Superconductor to Acquire The Switch - A Strategic Acquisition - Deal Analysis from GlobalData


American Superconductor Incorporation (AMSC), a power technology company, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of The Switch Engineering Oy. The acquisition value of this deal is about $264m. The acquisition will enable AMSC to strengthen its position in the wind turbine component market and expand further in the Western wind markets.

AMSC aims to diversify its customer base and reach to the markets in China, Europe, Korea and the US, with the sale of power convertor systems (PCS) and permanent magnet generators (PMG) to the leading wind turbine manufacturers in these geographies. AMSC will also have an advantage of reduced costs and offerings with the strategic acquisition of The Switch.


The scope of the report includes -
- The Global Wind Energy Market
- Comparable acquiistions to that of American Solar Conductor Corporation in the Wind Energy Market
- Exploiting the Advantage of the Developed Wind Energy Market in Asia
- Advantage of Reduced Costs and Offerings with the Strategic Acquisition of the Switch by AMSC
- Expertise of The Switch in the Manufacture of Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) – Strategic Advantage to AMSC

Reasons to buy

The Deal Report attempts to focus on the reasons for capitalizing on the wind energy market in Asia Pacific. It will allow the reader to -
- Understand the Global wind Energy Market
- Understand the expertise in key offerings of the combination of Switch and AMSC in Asia Pacific Markets