This brand new report concerns electric vehicles for military, security and police duty. Even excluding regular cars minimally modified for such use and the huge development contracts, the projections show a strongly rising market that becomes around 15% of the total electric vehicle market in 2022, primarily due to the high prices attracted by the specialist construction involved. Although the bulk of this demand will be for military vehicles on land, the water and air borne applications will each become businesses of well over one billion dollars yearly within the decade. The report emphasizes the need to benchmark best practice between each of these modes and gives a large number of examples.

Interestingly, unmanned operation is very important, particularly for water craft and aircraft. Both hybrid electric and pure electric drive trains will be deployed in large numbers.
This unique report makes sense of the bewildering variety of electric vehicles used and about to be used for military, security and police purposes, whether hybrid or pure electric. Huge numbers of micro and nanobots will be deployed for surveillance and other military tasks making countermeasures almost impossible. Many of these will fly. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUVs and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs are an even more important part of this story and all are driving a rapid change in technology of parts and powertrains as is explained in many summary tables and text in the report. For instance, multi-mode energy harvesting is being increasingly deployed.
Although most of the development, manufacture and purchase of these vehicles is in the USA, unique advances in Singapore, Korea, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand are explained including those for dual purpose civil and military applications, often where the civil application first pushes the boundaries of what is possible. The market numbers, unit prices and total value are forecasted for 2012-2022 and major relevant events in the next ten years are scoped. In a balanced view, the problems and impediments are analysed as well as the heroic objectives.