This comprehensive publication provides a clear, easy to understand discussion of the application and use of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  It is truly the “how to use” resource for the EAR. This publication, when used in conjunction with the most current edition of the EAR will enhance your compliance efforts and make the overall process of export compliance more efficient. The handbook is periodically updated ensuring the user has references to the most current information. Updates to the handbook will help you understand and apply the corresponding changes made in the EAR itself.

Export Controls remain a major concern of the U.S. government and the regulations are becoming more subjective and therefore more complex. This 400+ page handbook will guide you through the often confusing maze of regulations and procedures that exports are subject to.  Unlike the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), this how-to handbook addresses the unique concerns of exporters and re-exporters. To guide you through the process, the handbook includes sample licenses, forms, letters, support documents, checklists, certifications and process flow charts. A combined country group chart alleviates problems of flipping through numerous different country group lists in the EAR.

Recognized by the industry as the “Exporters Bible” this handbook is a complete reference guide to understanding and applying the new export administration regulations (EAR) to your business.

• An essential addition to any Export Management System
• Sample Letters and Forms with clear instructions on how to complete them
• Easy to understand explanations of the regulations in the EAR
• Special coverage of Software, Technology and Encryption
• Your legal obligations under the EAR and record keeping requirements


  • Publication is updated every 6 months
  • Follow on subscriptions after 1st year with 20% discount
  • Subscription to this Publication includes access to dedicated website where publications are provided in PDF format for download and print purposes.
  • Personalized email monitoring and notification service provides the subscriber with up-to-date changes and revisions.