“The Future of Netherlands Oil and Gas Storage Market to 2015- Trends, Drivers, Capex and Capacity Outlook of Storage Terminals and Companies” is a complete source of information and analysis on Netherlands oil and gas storage industry and is a compulsory source for all industry professionals and strategists interested in the industry. It provides insights and forecasts of capacities, market structure, oil and gas supply and Demand forecasts to 2015.
The report also provides company wise and terminal wise outlook to 2015. Key strategies and operations of each of the major storage companies in the country are analyzed in detail. Impact of the oil contango situation is also detailed. It identifies key investment opportunities in Netherlands storage market and also analyzes all the upcoming terminals in detail. It updates the major deals and events in the industry from early 2009.



Reasons to buy

• Make strategic and financial decisions based on industry trends and capital expenditure forecasts
• Identify key business opportunities through detailed information on upcoming oil and gas assets and forecasted capacity information
• Develop a clear and complete understanding of the industry through asset by asset historic and forecasted information
• Detailed Market Shares, company wise capacities and information on nature of industry allows you to easily beat your competition
• Identify the success strategies and financial status of key companies operating in the industry along with their strengths and weaknesses