Analyzing the Russian Aerospace & Defense Industry

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Russia remains a country with tremendous market potential for the aerospace and defense industry services. After decades of restrictions on traveling abroad during the Soviet period, many Russians are now using the opportunity to travel extensively on business and as tourists in ever increasing numbers. In order to cater to this demand, the Russian aerospace and defense industry needs to overcome the current crisis and develop an improved aviation infrastructure.

As the Russian aerospace and defense industry consolidates, it is integrating more and more into the world market.

The most important factors are:

  • Dramatic decrease in domestic defense orders;
  • Decrease in acquisition potential of the Russian air carriers following the collapse of Aeroflot monopoly;
  • Absence of a well-organized leasing system;
  • Significant reduction in state investments into research and development;
  • Certification of foreign aircraft that opened the way to upgrade the Russian fleet with Western aircraft.

The new report Analyzing the Russian Aerospace and Defense Industry provides a well grounded research analysis of the Russian Aerospace & Defense Industry. This report aims to help investors and analysts understand the emergence of the Russian Aerospace and Defense Industry. Giving an overview of the industry, market statistics, looking at the issues and challenges faced by the industry, the report explores all the facets of the Russian Aerospace and Defense Industry. The leading players, their products, and their role in Russia’s Aerospace and Defense Industry are all described in details in the new report: Analyzing the Russian Aerospace and Defense Industry research report. An in-depth analysis of the Sukhoi company and its various products of strategic military importance makes this research report different from the others available today.


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