NextEra Energy Announces Project Financing Of $1 billion for Genesis Solar Thermal Power Plant In California, the US


Next Era Energy Resources announced project financing for the 250 MW (Megawatt) Genesis solar thermal power plant in California, the US. The project is located at Riverside County, California. It is under construction and is expected to come online by the end of 2013. The project will work on parabolic trough solar technology, which will consist of two independent solar generating facilities with a net output of 125 MW each. The project is expected to produce about 560 GWh (Gigawatt hours) of renewable electricity each year. The power purchase agreement for the project has been signed with Pacific Gas & Electric Company.
The most important factor behind the development of the Genesis solar thermal project is the development of a clean energy portfolio by Next Era Energy and for the development and use of renewable energy in California.


The scope of the report includes -
- The information and analysis of 250 MW Genesis Solar Thermal Project
- Comparable investments to that ofNext Era Energy's Investment in the Solar Energy market in the US in 2010
- Next Era Energy's strategy of expansion of its renewable energy portfolio by investment in one of the emerging markets in the US
- US Solar Thermal Power Regulatory Framework – Major Policies
- The US Solar Thermal Market, Historical and Forecast Installed Capacity, 2001–2020

Reasons to buy

The Deal Report attempts to focus on the reasons for capitalizing on the solar energy market in the US. It will allow the reader to -
- Understand the Solar Energy Market in the US
- Understand the features of the Genesis Thermal Solar Solar Plant
- Understand the major policies in the US Solar Thermal Power Regulatory framework
- Understand Next Era Energy's strategy of diversification of its renewable portfolio