Report Description
This report provides a market analysis of the multi-function display market over the next five years. It contains an analysis of the drivers, challenges, and restraints that affect the industry, along with their impact in the short, medium, and long term landscapes.
It also discusses the industry, market, and technology trends that currently prevail in the market. The report provides vital information on key trends related to hardware, software architectures, and applications that shape and influence the market. It also analyses the market with a special focus on the fast growing application market segments.

This report also highlights the industry value chain, with a detailed ETOP analysis and market life cycle analysis of the multi-function display market. Another aspect to look forward to is the illustrative segmentation, geographic analysis, and forecast of the major markets to provide an overall view of the global market.

There is an increasing popularity in the heads-up display segment of the multi-function display market. The increasing penetration of electronic flight displays, heads-up display, ruggedized military grade multi-function displays, and synthetic vision displays will drive the multi-function display market. Loosely defined as real-time, they make paper navigation products practically obsolete.

It also uses a preloaded and an internal database to create a pilot’s eye-view of the terrain the aircraft is passing over at that time.
The major markets for multi-function displays and heads-up display will be the U.S., the U.K., China, Japan, India, and Russia.
Head-mounted displays, heads-up display, and flexible multi-function displays will be the future growth segments in this market.
The main purpose of the heads-up display is to exhibit symbolic information, which overlays the real world as seen by the pilot. To accomplish this, the heads-up pilot display unit must be accurately aligned with respect to the pitch, roll, and heading axis of the aircraft.

The penetration of Electronic Flight Displays (EFDs) in the commercial avionics market is also expected to ascend during the forecast period.
A competitive landscape with respect to an identification of key players and their market share has also been provided in the report. Strategic profiling of the key players of the multi-function display market, along with a comprehensive analysis of their recent developments, investments, and core competencies in each segment have been identified. Key players profiled in the report are Rockwell Collins, Honeywell Aerospace, Samtel Group, Barco N.V., and Esterline Technologies.

To cater to the vast and growing requirement for indigenous rugged displays, major players such as Garmin, Thales SA, Samtel Group, Rockwell Collins, and Barco N.V. have specially designed rugged AMLCDs to cope with the adverse and demanding environmental conditions to maintain high levels of performance.It exhibits an in-depth analysis of the application sectors and display systems in the market, along with a detailed analysis of major countries from each region.

It indicates the costs associated with the procurement, integration, and maintenance of MFDs in this market.
The report also specifies the key growth regions and countries for this market along with emerging trends and technologies.