The report analyzes the surveillance and security radar market, illustrating information about trend analyses in the market with reference to technology, geography, and countries.

The report discusses the market drivers and restraints that sway the market for investment in the defense as well as civil segments. It further talks about the challenges and opportunities that provide probable growth aspects in the market.

The prevailing escalations in diplomatic theater are witnessing major technological advancements by incorporating more powerful and next-generation radars in security and surveillance systems.

Technological developments such as AESA, NEXRAD, and 3DELRR act as catalysts to drive the demand for radars as countries are consistently upgrading and modernizing their existing radar networks

The report also contains the technology roadmap, highlighting future technology perspectives.

To enrich the precision and resolution of radars, defense industries worldwide are investing significantly in R&D.

The major regions considered in this report are North America, Latin America, Europe, and regions with blooming economies like the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.