List of Figures
Figure 1: The decline in offshore wealth has been arrested
Figure 2: Total non-resident assets slowly increased over the CRS implementation period
Figure 3: While tax is a major driver of offshoring, CRS does not interfere with tax-minimization strategies
Figure 4: The UAE may benefit as an offshore booking center provided it retains permissive tax residency requirements
Figure 5: Already the world’s leading offshore center, the US will benefit significantly from being outside CRS
Figure 6: Volatility increased in 2018
Figure 7: The average HNW portfolio is increasingly exposed to equity risk
Figure 8: Concerns regarding a financial market downturn are relatively low among wealth managers
Figure 9: The proportion HNW investors allocate to alternatives varies significantly across the world
Figure 10: Driving trust is paramount to encourage uptake of alternatives
Figure 11: An increasing number of wealth management firms offer technology-based solutions
Figure 12: Involving the next generation in the estate planning process is key to retaining clients
Figure 13: Digital channels are more important to the next generation than current clients
Figure 14: Females source more of their wealth through inheritance than men
Figure 15: Access to a human advisor is very important according to 30% of mass affluent investors

List of Tables
Table 1: US dollar exchange rates