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Figure 1: China overtook the US as the largest online commerce market in the world in 2015 7
Figure 2: The average UK household spent a total of $5,900 online in 2015 8
Figure 3: M-commerce is most developed in Southeast Asian markets 9
Figure 4: More than half of internet users in South Africa and the UAE do not shop online regularly 12
Figure 5: 40% of consumers who do not shop online regularly prefer to see what they are purchasing in-store 13
Figure 6: Online card fraud is concerning for the majority of consumers - even in low-risk markets 15
Figure 7: Flight and hotel bookings accounted for 14% of online spending globally in 2015 16
Figure 8: Food and drink accounted for 14% of the total number of online transactions in 2015 17
Figure 9: Payment cards are particularly dominant for online spending in Europe 19
Figure 10: PayPal has a strong market presence in Western Europe 21
Figure 11: In China, digital wallet Alipay holds a 33% share of online commerce by value 23
Figure 12: Over half of the total value of Dutch online commerce is accounted for by iDEAL 24

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