Figure 1: 5G Network Features and Underlying Benefits
Figure 2: 4G Spectrum Evolution: 1G – 2G – 3G – 4G
Figure 3: 5G Spectrum Evolution: 4G – 4.5G – 4.5G Pro – 4.9G – 5G
Figure 4: 5G Ecosystem Architecture Components
Figure 5: LTE Foundation Architecture: LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro 3
Figure 6: Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) Uplink Cell Range in Small Cells
Figure 7: Architecture of Shared Spectrum
Figure 8: Spectrum Sharing Prototype on LTE-U/LAA, LWA, CBRS/LSA and MultiFire
Figure 9: Narrowband 5G Path and Standard Release for Massive IoT 42
Figure 10: Multi-Connectivity Structure deployed over Small Cell and Macro
Figure 11: Next Generation OSS/BSS Architecture
Figure 12: Massive Element Antenna in Combination of Phantom Cell and Massive MIMO
Figure 13: Multiple Antenna and Beamforming Impact
Figure 14: Bandwidth and Latency Requirements for 5G Use Cases
Figure 15: WRC 15 and WRC 19 Spectrum Issues in 5G Network
Figure 16: IMT 2020 Requirements for URLLC
Figure 17: Flexible Unified Radio Interface for TTI, Integrated Sub-frame, and Dynamic Uplink and Downlink
Figure 18: Massive MIMO Concept
Figure 19: Massive MIMO: LTE Network to 5G NR Rel. 15
Figure 20: High Spectrum Band at Massive MIMO
Figure 21: Cloud RAN Architecture
Figure 22: Role of Satellite in 5G Communication System
Figure 23: 5G New Radio (NR) Release Timeline
Figure 24: Technology Requirements of 5G NR Standards
Figure 25: Enabling Technology of 5G NR
Figure 26: Mobile Broadband Performance Target in 5G NR
Figure 27: Virtual Cell and UE Centric Mobility in 5G NR
Figure 28: Self-Contained Sub-Frame Design Structure
Figure 29: NFV in H-RAN Solution
Figure 30: Self-Organizing Networks (SONs) in H-RAN
Figure 31: H-RAN Application in 5G Systems
Figure 32: Centralized LS-CSSP Structure
Figure 33: Hybrid Architecture of SDN and SDR in 5G Network
Figure 34: Windowed OFDM Structure
Figure 35: Subcarrier Spacing Bandwidth Structure using FDD & TDD
Figure 36: Mobile IoT Technology and Equipment Categories over 4G and 4.5G
Figure 37: SDL Carrier over LTE Broadcast Service
Figure 38: Multi-Carrier Deployment with LTE Broadcast Carrier
Figure 39: Public Safety Scenario over LTE Network
Figure 40: IMT-2020 Timeline and Process
Figure 41: Requirements of IMT-2020
Figure 42: 3GPP SMARTER Service Dimensions
Figure 43: 3GPP Planned Release Timeline and Technical Specification
Figure 44: IMT-2020 Standardization Timeline
Figure 45: NGMN 5G Initiative Timeline 1


Table 1: Comparison of 5G Spectrum Bands: Low vs. Mid vs. High Bands
Table 2: Components and Functions of OSS & BSS
Table 3: 5G Objectives, Targets, and Technology Efforts
Table 4: European Union FP7 5G Projects
Table 5: 5G-PPP Projects Call-1 131
Table 6: 5GrEEn and 5GIC Projects in EU
Table 7: 5G Project Initiatives in United States
Table 8: Mobile Operators Conducting 5G Trials