Figure 1: IT and OT IoT Data Merge
Figure 2: IoT Data Strategy impacts Architecture
Figure 3: A Vision of IoT Data by 2021
Figure 4: IoT Data vs. Non-IoT Unstructured Data
Figure 5: IoT Data Processing Flow
Figure 6: Distributed IoT Data Architecture
Figure 7: IoT Data Not Stored Only
Figure 8: Real-time IoT Data Management and Analytics
Figure 9: APIs enable IoT Data Access and Exchange
Figure 10: Security in IoT Data Architecture
Figure 11: IoT Data Care of Custody
Figure 12: Direct vs. Indirect IoT Data Monetization
Figure 13: Internal vs. External IoT Data Monetization
Figure 14: Merging IoT Data Sources – Hybrid Data
Figure 15: IoT Data Exchange Marketplace
Figure 16: IoT Mediation Architecture
Figure 17: IoT Identity Database Functionality
Figure 18: IoT Permissions Database
Figure 19: IoT Permissions Hierarchy
Figure 20: IoT Device Discovery and Alerting
Figure 21: IoT Device Discovery Dashboard
Figure 22: Smartphone Alert of Blocked IoT Connection Attempt
Figure 23: Smart Watch Alert of Blocked IoT Connection Attempt
Figure 24: IoT Mediation and Virtual Control of Real Objects
Figure 25: IoT Mediation in Industry Verticals
Figure 26: Phase One: Limited IoT Data Sharing without Formalized Mediation
Figure 27: Phase Two: IoT Data Sharing between Limited Industries
Figure 28: Phase Three: Broadly shared IoT Data across Industries and between Competitors
Figure 29: Inclusion of Predictive Models in Streaming IoT Data Analytics
Figure 30: Streaming IoT Data Sources Compared
Figure 31: Comparison of IoT Data Analytics Investment Focus
Figure 32: IoT Data Analytics Technology and Tool Choice in Enterprise
Figure 33: IoT Data Operational Savings and New Revenue Opportunities
Figure 34: IoT Data Management and Analytics Roadmap 2016 to 2025
Figure 35: IoT Data-as-a-Service Market 2016 – 2021
Figure 36: IoT Data-as-a-Service Revenue by Region 2016 – 2021
Figure 37: IoT Data-as-a-Service Revenue by Industry Sector 2016 – 2021
Figure 38: IoT Technology and Solutions Stack


Table 1: IoT Data as a Service Market 2016 – 2021
Table 2: IoT Data as a Service Revenue by Region 2016 – 2021
Table 3: IoT Data as a Service Revenue by Industry Vertical 2016 – 2021