Table 2.1 Stakeholders in the Brexit Process and the Impact of Brexit Upon Them (Potential Change, Stakeholder Impacted, Desirable Brexit Outcome, Potential Impact of Brexit)
Table 2.2 EU Member States (Country, Join Date)
Table 2.3 Leading 5 Trading Partners with the UK (Country, Imports, Exports, Value GBPm)
Table 2.4 Single European Sky Related Information
Table 2.5 Major UK Aerospace Manufacturing Companies / Companies Involved in the UK Market* (Company, Country, Key UK Locations)
Table 3.1 Leading UK Exports by Global Share (Rank, Commodity/Good)
Table 3.2 Current members of the ECAA (Nation, EU Member)
Table 3.3 Potential Restrictions on the Freedom of Movement and Implications for UK and EU (Scenario, Degree of Restriction to Movement of People, Impact on UK and EU Immigration, Likelihood of Occurrence)
Table 3.4 Potential Scenarios for the European Aviation Regulatory Environment (Scenario, Description, Implications for Single European Skies, Degree of Regulatory Restriction, Likelihood of Occurrence)
Table 4.1 SWOT Analysis of the UK’s Relationship with the EU and How This May Implicate Aviation From 2016-2026

Figure 2.1 Market Forces Impacting the European Aviation Industry following the Brexit Decision
Figure 2.2 Report Structure
Figure 2.3 Map of EEA Member States
Figure: 2.4 Global Next Generation Fleet Outlook 2016-2026 (Number Of Aircraft, Replacement & Change)
Figure 2.5 Global Commercial Aircraft Future Deliveries Forecast by Regional & Aircraft Type 2016-2026 (Number Of Aircraft)
Figure 2.6 WTI and Brent Oil Prices 2003-2014 ($/bbl)
Figure 2.7 The Number of UK Exploration Wells Drilled 1970-2014
Figure 3.1 Scenario Structure
Figure 3.2 Structure of Models in This Report
Figure 3.3 World Trade Organisation (WTO) Trade Agreement Model Potential Outcomes