Figure 1: Nokia Primitive Snake Game vs. GREE’s Mobile Social Game Screen
Figure 2: Mobile App Usage Time by App Category 2014
Figure 3: Mobile Game Publishing Framework for App store
Figure 4: App Store in Mobile Gaming Value Chain Framework
Figure 5: Revenue Share across Mobile Gaming Value Chain Stakeholders
Figure 6: Top 15 Revenue Countries in iOS and Android App store
Figure 7: Top 10 Android Store in China
Figure 8: Top Grossing iOS Game and Daily Revenue in $ Million February 2015
Figure 9: Non-Gaming App Ration in Apple App Store 2012 - 2014
Figure 10: Share of Revenue in Apple App Store by App Category 2014
Figure 11: Top 5 App Categories in Apple App Store 2014


Table 1: Gaming App Store Revenue Apple & Google vs. Others 2014 – 2020
Table 2: Mobile Gaming App Store Leaders vs. Emerging and New Markets
Table 3: Top 10 Language Lists for Mobile Game Publishing
Table 4: Google Play vs. Apple Store Distribution