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Table of Contents




Petabytes by Technology

Client SSD Charts

Client SSD Interface Trend

Client OEM SSD Capacity Mix

Client PCIe SSD Tiers

Gaming Units & GB


LCPC Units & GB

Notebook Units & GB
Notebook SSD Unit Breakdown
PC SSD Pricing
Notebook Revenue Breakdown
Notebook GB Breakdown

Channel Units & GB
Channel SSD Unit Breakdown
Channel SSD Pricing
Channel SSD Revenue Breakdown
Channel SSD GB Breakdown

Desktop Units & GB
Desktop SSD Unit Breakdown
Desktop SSD Revenue Breakdown
Desktop SSD GB Breakdown

Enterprise SSD Charts
Captive Datacenter SSD
Enterprise GB (Raw Capacity)
Enterprise Total
Enterprise by Form Factor
Server-attached (PCIe)
Server-attached (IO SATA, SAS)
Storage-attached (FC, SAS, PCIe, SATA)

Enterprise SATA Capacity Mix
Enterprise PCIe Capacity Mix
SAS SSD Capacity Mix

SSD Cloud-Enterprise
SATA Cloud-Enterprise
SAS Cloud-Enterprise
PCIe Cloud-Enterprise

Client SSD Mkt Share
Enterprise SSD Mkt Share