Chapter 1 Impact of Online Convenience Services: Is it convenient for all
What is Convenience? Does It Mean Different Things?
How Has Convenience Changed Our World?
What Are Some of the Reasons for Choosing Convenience?
Rapid Urbanization
Smaller Households
Crowded Transportation
Evolving Gender Roles
Generational Needs
Uptake of Technology
What Are the Most Prevalent Personal Convenience Systems?
Easy Finance/Easy Payments
Easy Transportation
Delivery of Products
Delivery of Services
What Can You Have Delivered?
Ski Equipment
Printer Ink
Kiteboarding Equipment
Your Favorite Chain Restaurant Foods
Who Are the Key Foodtech/Food Delivery Business Organizations?
DoorDash (iOS/Android)
Grubhub (iOS/Android)
Uber Eats (iOS/Android)
Postmates (iOS/Android) (iOS/Android)
Instacart (iOS/Android)
What About E-Commerce?
What Is the Negative Impact of This Convenience?
Environmental Impact
Why is This Critical?
Amazon’s Impact: The Behemoth of the Sector
The Emissions of the Food Delivery Ecosystem
Can We Do This Better?
Managing Carbon Footprints and Emissions in the Convenience Sector
Information Sources
Analyst’s Credentials