Table of Content

1. Key Milestones of Waymo

2. Patent Deployment Analysis

2.1 Patent Mining

2.2 Patent Analysis

2.2.1 Analysis by Application Year

2.2.2 Analysis by Sector

2.2.3 Analysis by Field

2.2.4 Analysis by Sector and by Application Year

2.2.5 Analysis by Technology

2.2.6 Analysis by Technology and by Application Year

3. MIC Perspective


List of Companies

List of Tables

Table 1 Matrix Analysis of Waymo Patent Counts by Patent Sector and Application Year, 2010-2018

Table 2 Waymo Patent Share by Technology

Table 3 Waymo Patent Counts by Technology and by Application Year

List of Figures

Figure 1 The Illustration of Waymo’s Sensing Systems in Autonomous Cars

Figure 2 Waymo Patent Counts by Application Year

Figure 3 Waymo Patent Share by Sector

Figure 4 Waymo Patent Share by Field