1. Report Overview
1.1 Overview of the Global Advanced Wound Care Market
1.3 Benefits of This Report
1.4 Report Structure
1.5 Who is This Report For?
1.6 Methodology
1.6.1 Primary Research
1.6.2 Secondary Research
1.7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1.8 Associated Visiongain Reports

2. Introduction to the Advanced Wound Care Market

2.1 Advanced Wound Care Market Definition
2.1.1 Definition of Wound
2.1.2 Types of Wound
2.2 Advanced Wound Care Market Segmentation
2.2.1 Advanced Wound Care Market by Therapy Traditional wound care Advanced Wound Care
2.2.2 Advanced Wound Care Market by Biologics Skin Replacement Therapies Collagen-Based Therapies Cell-Based Therapies
2.2.3 Advanced Wound Care market by Devices Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Ultrasound for Wound Therapy
2.3 Demand for Advanced Wound Care in Regional Markets
2.3.1 Americas Advanced Wound Care Market Overview - 2018
2.3.2 Europe Advanced Wound Care Market Overview- 2018
2.3.3 Asia-Pacific Advanced Wound Care Market 2018


3. Global Advanced Wound Care Market, 2018

3.1 Global Advanced Wound Care Market 2018 Overview
3.2 The World Advanced Wound Care Market: Industry Trends, 2018-2029
3.3 Drivers and Challenges for the Global Advanced Wound Care Market
3.3.1 Drivers Increase in Aging Population: Lifestyle Factors Growing Incidence of Diabetes, Ulcers and Chronic Wounds Technological Advancements and Government Initiatives
3.3.2 Challenges High Cost Procedures Disparity in Reimbursements Reluctance to Accept New Technologies
3.3.3 Opportunities Significant Growth Opportunities in Asia-Pacific and Developing Countries Healthy Growth in the Active Wound Care Market


4. Leading 20 Companies Positioning in the Advanced Wound Care Market
4.1 Leading 20 Companies Ranking in the Advanced Wound Care Market
4.2 Global Advanced Wound Care Market Forecast, 2018-2029


5. Top 20 Advanced Wound Care Companies
5.1 Smith & Nephew Plc. Overview
5.1.1 Smith & Nephew Plc. Financial Outlook
5.1.2 Smith & Nephew Plc Product Portfolio
5.1.3 Smith & Nephew Plc Strategic Developments
5.2 Acelity (KCI and Systagenix) Overview
5.2.1 Acelity L.P. Inc. Financial Outlook
5.2.2 Acelity L.P. Inc. Product Portfolio
5.2.3 Acelity L.P. Inc. Strategic Developments
5.3 Mölnlycke Health Care AB Overview
5.3.1 Mölnlycke Financial Outlook
5.3.2 Mölnlycke Product Portfolio
5.3.3 Mölnlycke Strategic Developments
5.4 ConvaTec Group Plc Overview
5.4.1 ConvaTec Group Plc Financial Outlook
5.4.2 ConvaTec Group Plc Product Portfolio
5.4.3 ConvaTec Group Plc Strategic Developments
5.5 Coloplast A/S Overview
5.5.1 Coloplast A/S Financial Outlook
5.5.2 Coloplast A/S Product Portfolio
5.5.3 Coloplast A/S Strategic Developments
5.6 3M Company Overview
5.6. 3M Company Financial Outlook
5.6.2 3M Company Product Portfolio
5.6.3 3M Company Strategic Developments
5.7 B. Braun Melsungen AG Overview
5.7.1 B. Braun Melsungen AG Financial Outlook
5.7.2 B. Braun Melsungen AG Product Portfolio
5.7.3 B. Braun Melsungen AG Strategic Developments
5.8 BSN Medical GmbH Overview
5.8.1 BSN Medical GmbH Financial Outlook
5.8.2 BSN Medical GmbH Product Portfolio
5.8.3 BSN Medical GmbH Strategic Developments
5.9 Cardinal Health, Inc. Overview
5.9.1 Cardinal Health, Inc. Financial Outlook
5.9.2 Cardinal Health, Inc. Product Portfolio
5.9.3 Cardinal Health, Inc. Strategic Developments
5.10 Generex Biotechnology Corp. Overview
5.10.1 Generex Biotechnology Corp.Financial Outlook
5.10.2 Generex Biotechnology Corp. Product Portfolio
5.10.3 Generex Biotechnology Corp. Strategic Developments
5.11 Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. Overview
5.11.1 Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.Financial Outlook
5.9.2 Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. Product Portfolio
5.11.3 Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. Strategic Developments
5.12 Hollister, Inc. Overview
5.12.1 Hollister, Inc. Financial Outlook
5.12.2 Hollister, Inc. Product Portfolio
5.13 Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation Overview
5.13.1 Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation Financial Outlook
5.9.2 Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation Product Portfolio
5.13.3 Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation Strategic Developments
5.14 Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. Kg Overview
5.14.1 Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. Kg Financial Outlook
5.14.2 Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. Kg Product Portfolio
5.14.3 Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. Kg Strategic Developments
5.15 Medline Industries, Inc. Overview
5.15.1 Medline Industries, Inc. Financial Outlook
5.15.2 Medline Industries, Inc. Product Portfolio
5.16 Medtronic PLC Overview
5.16.1 Medtronic PLC Financial Outlook
5.16.2 Medtronic PLC Product Portfolio
5.16.3 Medtronic PLC Strategic Developments
5.17 Organogenesis Inc. Overview
5.17.1 Organogenesis Inc.Financial Outlook
5.17.2 Organogenesis Inc. Product Portfolio
5.17.3 Organogenesis Inc. Strategic Developments
5.18 PAUL HARTMANN AG Overview
5.18.1 PAUL HARTMANN AG Financial Outlook
5.18.2 PAUL HARTMANN AG Product Portfolio
5.19 Celularity, Inc.Overview
5.19.1 Celularity, Inc. Financial Outlook
5.19.2 Celularity, Inc. Product Portfolio
5.19.3 Celularity, Inc. Strategic Developments
5.20 Johnson & Johnson Overview
5.20.1 Johnson & Johnson Financial Outlook
5.5.2 Johnson & Johnson Product Portfolio


6 SWOT Analysis of the Global Advanced Wound Care Market
6.1 Strengths
6.2 Weaknesses
6.3 Opportunities
6.4 Threats


7. Conclusion
7.1 Continuous Innovation and a Strong R&D Pipeline
7.2 Higher Effectiveness Compared with Other Treatments
7.3 An Oligopolistic Market
7.4 Top 20 Companies and Revenue