1. Report Overview
1.1 Global Connected Car Market Overview
1.2 Aim of the Report
1.3 Structure of the Report
1.4 Why You Should Read This Report
1.5 How This Report Delivers
1.6 Who is This Report For?
1.7 Methodology

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2. Introduction to the Connected Cars Market
2.1 Introduction to the Top 100 Connected Car Companies
2.2 Assessing the Connected Cars Market Landscape
2.3 Overview of the Global Connected Cars Market
2.4 Defining the Global Connected Cars Market
2.5 Global Connected Car Market Segmentation

3. Analysis of Market Dynamics in the Global Connected Cars Market
3.1 Read How the Demand for Wireless Connectivity and Government Regulations Fuel Growth in the Global Connected Car Market
3.2 Discover Drivers and Challenges for the Global Connected Car Market
3.3 Drivers High Correlation Between Consumer Electronics And Connected Car Solutions In Terms Of Components Is Giving Economies Of Scale Benefits Rising Demand For Smartphone Integration Government Regulations To Increase In-Vehicle Safety And Improvement In Safety Controls Automotive OEM Push For Embedded Connectivity In BRIC Nations To Drive Revenue Growth
3.4 Challenges Design Complexity And Technological Challenges Potential Security Breach May Impact Technology Adoption Prioritization Of Content Short Product Life Of Connected Car Technologies Owing To Fast Advances In Passenger's Smartphones
3.5 Global Connected Car Market Trends 2018 Shared Data Plans To Reduce The Number Of Data Subscriptions Per User Growing Popularity Of LTE Data Connections In Cars Will Pave The Way For Ethernet Adoption Increase in Popularity of Predictive Driving Through Contextual Help Function Big Data Platform Provided by Connected Cars to Push Further Developments Adoption of Android OS in The Automotive Infotainment Market
3.6 Opportunities for Service Providers Embedded Software Application Development System Integration Infrastructure Enterprise Application Cyber Security Business Intelligence Business Process Outsourcing

4. Leading 100 Connected Car Companies 2018
4.1 Samsung Overview
4.1.1 Samsung Electronics: Company Overview
4.1.2 Samsung Electronics: Financial Overview
4.1.3 Samsung Electronics: Operating Segment
4.1.4 Samsung Electronics: Connected Cars
4.1.5 Samsung Electronics: Recent Developments
4.2 Apple Inc.
4.2.1 Apple Inc.: Company Overview
4.2.2 Apple Inc.: Financial Overview
4.2.3 Apple Inc.: Connected Cars
4.2.4 Apple Inc.: Recent Developments
4.3 AT&T Overview
4.3.1 AT&T Inc.: Company Overview
4.3.2 AT&T Inc.: Financial Overview
4.3.3 AT & T, Inc.: Operating Segment
4.3.4 AT&T Inc.: Connected Cars
4.3.5 AT&T Inc.: Recent Developments
4.4 BMW AG
4.4.2 BMW AG: Financial Overview
4.4.3 BMW AG: Operating Segment
4.4.4 BMW AG: Connected Cars
4.4.5 BMW AG: Recent Developments
4.5 Broadcom Inc.
4.5.1 Broadcom Inc.: Company Overview
4.5.2 Broadcom Inc.: Financial Overview
4.5.3 Broadcom Inc.: Operating Segment
4.5.4 Broadcom Inc.: Connected Cars
4.5.5 Broadcom Inc.: Recent Developments
4.6 Daimler AG
4.6.1 Daimler AG: Company Overview
4.6.2 Daimler AG: Financial Overview
4.6.3 Daimler AG: Operating Segment
4.6.4 Daimler AG: Connected Cars
4.6.5 Daimler AG: Recent Developments
4.7 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
4.7.1 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Company Overview
4.7.2 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Financial Overview
4.7.3 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Connected Cars
4.7.4 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Recent Developments
4.8 Ford Motor Company
4.8.1 Ford Motor Company: Company Overview
4.8.2 Ford Motor Company: Financial Overview
4.8.3 Ford Motor Company: Operating Segment
4.8.4 Ford Motor Company: Connected Cars
4.8.5 Ford Motor Company: Recent Developments
4.9 General Motors Company
4.9.1 General Motors Company: Company Overview
4.9.2 General Motors Company: Financial Overview
4.9.3 General Motors Company: Connected Cars
4.9.4 General Motors Company: Recent Developments
4.10 Google Inc.
4.10.1 Google Inc.: Company Overview
4.10.2 Google Inc.: Financial Overview
4.10.3 Google Inc.: Connected Cars
4.10.4 Google Inc.: Recent Developments
4.11 Aeris Communications, Inc.
4.11.1 Aeris Communications, Inc.: Company Overview
4.11.2 Aeris Communications, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.11.3 Aeris Communications, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.12 Garmin Ltd.
4.12.1 Garmin Ltd.: Company Overview
4.12.2 Garmin Ltd.: Financial Overview
4.12.3 Garmin Ltd.: Operating Segment
4.12.4 Garmin Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.12.5 Garmin Ltd.: Recent Developments
4.13 Zubie, Inc.
4.13.1 Zubie, Inc.: Company Overview
4.13.2 Zubie, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.13.3 Zubie, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.14 Tesla Motors
4.14.1 Tesla Motors: Company Overview
4.14.2 Tesla Motors: Financial Overview
4.14.3 Tesla Motors: Operating Segment
4.14.4 Tesla Motors: Connected Cars
4.14.5 Tesla Motors: Recent Developments
4.15 Sierra Wireless
4.15.1 Sierra Wireless: Company Overview
4.15.2 Sierra Wireless: Financial Overview
4.15.3 Sierra Wireless: Operating Segment
4.15.4 Sierra Wireless: Connected Cars
4.15.5 Sierra Wireless: Recent Developments
4.16 Honda Motor Company
4.16.1 Honda Motor Company: Company Overview
4.16.2 Honda Motor Co.: Financial Overview
4.16.3 Honda Motor Co.: Operating Segment
4.16.4 Honda Motor Co.: Connected Cars
4.16.5 Honda Motor Co.: Recent Developments
4.17 Volvo
4.17.1 Volvo: Company Overview
4.17.2 Volvo: Financial Overview
4.17.3 Volvo: Connected Cars
4.17.4 Volvo: Recent Developments
4.18 Tech Mahindra
4.18.1 Tech Mahindra: Company Overview
4.18.2 Tech Mahindra: Financial Overview
4.18.3 Tech Mahindra: Connected Cars
4.18.4 Tech Mahindra: Recent Developments
4.19 Qualcomm
4.19.1 Qualcomm: Company Overview
4.19.2 Qualcomm: Financial Overview
4.19.3 Qualcomm: Operating Segment
4.19.4 Qualcomm: Connected Cars
4.19.5 Qualcomm: Recent Developments
4.20 Toyota Motor Corporation
4.20.1 Toyota Motor Corporation: Company Overview
4.20.2 Toyota Motor Corporation: Financial Overview
4.20.3 Toyota Motor Corporation: Operating Segment
4.20.4 Toyota Motor Corporation: Connected Cars
4.20.5 Toyota Motor Corporation: Recent Developments
4.21 Visteon Corporation
4.21.1 Visteon Corporation: Company Overview
4.21.2 Visteon Corporation: Financial Overview
4.21.3 Visteon Corporation: Operating Segment
4.21.4 Visteon Corporation: Connected Cars
4.21.5 Visteon Corporation: Recent Developments
4.22 Verizon Communications
4.22.1 Verizon Communications: Company Overview
4.22.2 Verizon Communications: Financial Overview
4.22.3 Verizon Communications: Operating Segment
4.22.4 Verizon Communications: Connected Cars
4.22.5 Verizon Communications: Recent Developments
4.23 Volkswagen AG
4.23.1 Volkswagen AG: Company Overview
4.23.2 Volkswagen AG: Financial Overview
4.23.3 Volkswagen AG: Operating Segment
4.23.4 Volkswagen AG: Connected Cars
4.23.5 Volkswagen AG: Recent Developments
4.24 Accenture
4.24.1 Accenture: Company Overview
4.24.2 Accenture: Financial Overview
4.24.3 Accenture: Operating Segment
4.24.4 Accenture: Connected Cars
4.24.5 Accenture: Recent Developments
4.25 T-Mobile
4.25.1 T-Mobile: Company Overview
4.25.2 T-Mobile: Financial Overview
4.25.3 T-Mobile: Connected Cars
4.25.4 T-Mobile: Recent Developments
4.26 Wipro Limited
4.26.1 Wipro Limited: Company Overview
4.26.2 Wipro Limited: Financial Overview
4.26.3 Wipro Limited: Operating Segment
4.26.4 Wipro Limited: Connected Cars
4.26.5 Wipro Limited: Recent Developments
4.27 Continental AG
4.27.1 Continental AG: Company Overview
4.27.2 Continental AG: Financial Overview
4.27.3 Continental AG: Operating Segment
4.27.4 Continental AG: Connected Cars
4.27.5 Continental AG: Recent Developments
4.28 Denso Corporation
4.28.1 DENSO Corp.: Company Overview
4.28.2 DENSO Corp.: Financial Overview
4.28.3 DENSO Corp.: Connected Cars
4.28.4 DENSO Corp.: Recent Developments
4.29 Delphi Technologies Plc
4.29.1 Delphi Technologies Plc: Company Overview
4.29.2 Delphi Technologies Plc: Financial Overview
4.29.3 Delphi Technologies Plc: Operating Segment
4.29.4 Delphi Technologies Plc: Connected Cars
4.29.5 Delphi Technologies Plc: Recent Developments
4.30 Honeywell International Inc.
4.30.1 Honeywell International Inc.: Company Overview
4.30.2 Honeywell International Inc.: Financial Overview
4.30.3 Honeywell International Inc.: Operating Segment
4.30.4 Honeywell International Inc.: Connected Cars
4.30.5 Honeywell International Inc.: Recent Developments
4.31 Robert Bosch GmbH
4.31.1 Robert Bosch GmbH: Company Overview
4.31.2 Robert Bosch GmbH: Financial Overview
4.31.3 Robert Bosch GmbH: Operating Segment
4.31.4 Robert Bosch GmbH: Connected Cars
4.31.5 Robert Bosch GmbH: Recent Developments
4.32 NXP Semiconductor N.V.
4.32.1 NXP Semiconductor N.V.: Company Overview
4.32.2 NXP Semiconductor N.V.: Financial Overview
4.32.3 NXP Semiconductor N.V.: Operating Segment
4.32.4 NXP Semiconductor N.V.: Connected Cars
4.32.5 NXP Semiconductor N.V.: Recent Developments
4.33 Intelsat Corporation
4.33.1 Intelsat Corporation: Company Overview
4.33.2 Intelsat Corporation: Financial Overview
4.33.3 Intelsat Corporation: Operating Segment
4.33.4 Intelsat Corporation: Connected Cars
4.33.5 Intelsat Corporation: Recent Developments
4.34 TomTom NV
4.34.1 TomTom NV: Company Overview
4.34.2 TomTom NV: Financial Overview
4.34.3 TomTom NV: Operating Segment
4.34.4 TomTom NV: Connected Cars
4.34.5 TomTom NV: Recent Developments
4.35 Airbiquity Inc.
4.35.1 Airbiquity Inc.: Company Overview
4.35.2 Airbiquity Inc.: Connected Cars
4.35.3 Airbiquity Inc.: Recent Developments
4.36 Autoliv, Inc.
4.36.1 Autoliv, Inc.: Company Overview
4.36.2 Autoliv, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.36.3 Autoliv, Inc.: Operating Segment
4.36.4 Autoliv, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.36.5 Autoliv, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.37 Aptiv Plc
4.37.1 Aptiv Plc: Company Overview
4.37.2 Aptiv Plc: Financial Overview
4.37.3 Aptiv Plc: Operating Segment
4.37.4 Aptiv Plc: Connected Cars
4.37.5 Aptiv Plc: Recent Developments
4.38 Sirius XM Holdings, Inc.
4.38.1 Sirius XM Holdings, Inc.: Company Overview
4.38.2 Sirius XM Holdings, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.38.3 Sirius XM Holdings, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.38.4 Sirius XM Holdings, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.39 ClearMotion Inc.
4.39.1 ClearMotion Inc.: Company Overview
4.39.2 ClearMotion Inc.: Connected Cars
4.39.3 ClearMotion Inc.: Recent Developments
4.40 Microsoft Corporation
4.40.1 Microsoft Corporation: Company Overview
4.40.2 Microsoft Corporation: Financial Overview
4.40.3 Microsoft Corporation: Operating Segment
4.40.4 Microsoft Corporation: Connected Cars
4.40.5 Microsoft Corporation: Recent Developments
4.41 Hyundai Motor Company
4.41.1 Hyundai Motor Company: Company Overview
4.41.2 Hyundai Motor Company: Financial Overview
4.41.3 Hyundai Motor Company: Operating Segment
4.41.4 Hyundai Motor Company: Connected Cars
4.41.5 Hyundai Motor Company: Recent Developments
4.42 Navistar International Corporation
4.42.1 Navistar International Corporation: Company Overview
4.42.2 Navistar International Corporation: Financial Overview
4.42.3 Navistar International Corporation: Operating Segment
4.42.4 Navistar International Corporation: Connected Cars
4.42.5 Navistar International Corporation: Recent Developments
4.43 Groupe Renault
4.43.1 Groupe Renault: Company Overview
4.43.2 Groupe Renault: Financial Overview
4.43.3 Groupe Renault: Operating Segment
4.43.4 Groupe Renault: Connected Cars
4.43.5 Groupe Renault: Recent Developments
4.44 Groupe PSA
4.44.1 Groupe PSA: Company Overview
4.44.2 Groupe PSA: Financial Overview
4.44.3 Groupe PSA: Operating Segment
4.44.4 Groupe PSA: Connected Cars
4.44.5 Groupe PSA: Recent Developments
4.45 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
4.45.1 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.: Company Overview
4.45.2 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.: Financial Overview
4.45.3 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.: Operating Segment
4.45.4 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.45.5 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.: Recent Developments
4.46 SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd.
4.46.1 SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd.: Company Overview
4.46.2 SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd.: Financial Overview
4.46.3 SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.46.4 SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd.: Recent Developments
4.47 Telenor Group
4.47.1 Telenor Group: Company Overview
4.47.2 Telenor Group: Financial Overview
4.47.3 Telenor Group: Connected Cars
4.47.4 Telenor Group: Recent Developments
4.48 ZF Friedrichshafen AG
4.48.1 ZF Friedrichshafen AG: Company Overview
4.48.2 ZF Friedrichshafen AG: Financial Overview
4.48.3 ZF Friedrichshafen AG: Operating Segment
4.48.4 ZF Friedrichshafen AG: Connected Cars
4.49 Uber Technologies Inc.
4.49.1 Uber Technologies Inc.: Company Overview
4.49.2 Uber Technologies Inc.: Connected Cars
4.49.3 Uber Technologies Inc.: Recent Developments
4.50 Dell Technologies Inc.
4.50.1 Dell Technologies Inc.: Company Overview
4.50.2 Dell Technologies Inc.: Financial Overview
4.50.3 Dell Technologies Inc.: Operating Segment
4.50.4 Dell Technologies Inc.: Connected Cars
4.50.5 Dell Technologies Inc.: Recent Developments
4.51 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.
4.51.1 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.: Company Overview
4.51.2 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.: Connected Cars
4.51.3 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.: Recent Developments
4.52 Arxan Technologies, Inc.
4.52.1 Arxan Technologies, Inc.: Company Overview
4.52.2 Arxan Technologies, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.52.3 Arxan Technologies, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.53 Laird Technologies, Inc.
4.53.1 Laird Technologies, Inc.: Company Overview
4.53.2 Laird Technologies, Inc.: Operating Segment
4.53.3 Laird Technologies, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.53.4 Laird Technologies, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.54 Xevo Inc.
4.54.1 Xevo Inc.: Company Overview
4.54.2 Xevo Inc.: Connected Cars
4.54.3 Xevo Inc.: Recent Developments
4.55 Symbio Inc.
4.55.1 Symbio Inc.: Company Overview
4.55.2 Symbio Inc.: Connected Cars
4.55.3 Symbio Inc.: Recent Developments
4.56 Atos SE
4.56.1 Atos SE: Company Overview
4.56.2 Atos SE: Financial Overview
4.56.3 Atos SE: Connected Cars
4.56.4 Atos SE: Recent Developments
4.57 Intellias Ltd.
4.57.1 Intellias Ltd.: Company Overview
4.57.2 Intellias Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.58 Otonomo
4.58.1 Otonomo: Company Overview
4.58.2 Otonomo: Connected Cars
4.58.3 Otonomo: Recent Developments
4.59 WirelessCar AB
4.59.1 WirelessCar AB: Company Overview
4.59.2 WirelessCar AB: Connected Cars
4.59.3 WirelessCar AB: Recent Developments
4.60 Bell Canada, Inc.
4.60.1 Bell Canada, Inc.: Company Overview
4.60.2 Bell Canada, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.60.3 Bell Canada, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.61 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
4.61.1 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company: Company Overview
4.61.2 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company: Financial Overview
4.61.3 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company: Operating Segment
4.61.4 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company: Connected Cars
4.61.5 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company: Recent Developments
4.62 Rogers Communications, Inc.
4.62.1 Rogers Communications, Inc.: Company Overview
4.62.2 Rogers Communications, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.62.3 Rogers Communications, Inc.: Operating Segment
4.62.4 Rogers Communications, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.62.5 Rogers Communications, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.63 CCC Information Services
4.63.1 CCC Information Services: Company Overview
4.63.2 CCC Information Services: Connected Cars
4.63.3 CCC Information Services: Recent Developments
4.64 Telenav, Inc.
4.64.1 Telenav, Inc.: Company Overview
4.64.2 Telenav, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.64.3 Telenav, Inc.: Operating Segment
4.64.4 Telenav, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.64.5 Telenav, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.65.1 AGNIK LLC.: Company Overview
4.65.2 AGNIK LLC.: Connected Cars
4.66.1 SK TELECOM CO., LTD.: Company Overview
4.66.2 SK TELECOM CO., LTD.: Connected Cars
4.66.3 SK TELECOM CO., LTD.: Recent Developments
4.67 VMware, Inc.
4.67.1 VMware, Inc.: Company Overview
4.67.2 VMware, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.67.3 VMware, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.67.4 VMware, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.68 Panasonic Corporation
4.68.1 Panasonic Corporation: Company Overview
4.68.2 Panasonic Corporation: Financial Overview
4.68.3 Panasonic Corporation: Operating Segment
4.68.4 Panasonic Corporation: Connected Cars
4.68.5 Panasonic Corporation: Recent Developments
4.69 SAP SE
4.69.1 SAP SE: Company Overview
4.69.2 SAP SE: Financial Overview
4.69.3 SAP SE: Operating Segment
4.69.4 SAP SE: Connected Cars
4.69.5 SAP SE: Recent Developments
4.70 Tata Motors Limited
4.70.1 Tata Motors Limited: Company Overview
4.70.2 Tata Motors Limited: Financial Overview
4.70.3 Tata Motors Limited: Connected Cars
4.70.4 Tata Motors Limited: Recent Developments
4.71 Oracle Corporation
4.71.1 Oracle Corporation: Company Overview
4.71.2 Oracle Corporation: Financial Overview
4.71.3 Oracle Corporation: Operating Segment
4.71.4 Oracle Corporation: Connected Cars
4.71.5 Oracle Corporation: Recent Developments
4.72 Cisco Systems, Inc.
4.72.1 Cisco Systems, Inc.: Company Overview
4.72.2 Cisco Systems, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.72.3 Cisco Systems, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.72.4 Cisco Systems, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.73 HERE Global B.V
4.73.1 HERE Global B.V: Company Overview
4.73.2 HERE Global B.V: Connected Cars
4.73.3 HERE Global B.V: Recent Developments
4.74 Solace Corporation
4.74.1 Solace Corporation: Company Overview
4.74.2 Solace Corporation: Connected Cars
4.74.3 Solace Corporation: Recent Developments
4.75 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
4.75.1 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson: Company Overview
4.75.2 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson: Financial Overview
4.75.3 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson: Operating Segment
4.75.4 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson: Connected Cars
4.75.5 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson: Recent Developments
4.76 Bugcrowd Inc.
4.76.1 Bugcrowd Inc.: Company Overview
4.76.2 Bugcrowd Inc.: Connected Cars
4.76.3 Bugcrowd, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.77 Gemalto NV
4.77.1 Gemalto NV: Company Overview
4.77.2 Gemalto NV: Financial Overview
4.77.3 Gemalto NV: Operating Segment
4.77.4 Gemalto NV: Connected Cars
4.78 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.
4.78.1 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.: Company Overview
4.78.2 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.: Financial Overview
4.78.3 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.: Operating Segment
4.78.4 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.78.5 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.: Recent Developments
4.79 Aricent Inc.
4.79.1 Aricent Inc.: Company Overview
4.79.2 Aricent Inc.: Financial Overview
4.79.3 Aricent Inc.: Connected Cars
4.79.4 Aricent Inc.: Recent Developments
4.80 Comarch SA
4.80.1 Comarch SA: Company Overview
4.80.2 Comarch SA: Financial Overview
4.80.3 Comarch SA: Connected Cars
4.80.4 Comarch SA: Recent Developments
4.81 Autotalks Ltd.
4.81.1 Autotalks Ltd.: Company Overview
4.81.2 Autotalks Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.81.3 Autotalks Ltd.: Recent Developments
4.82 KT Corporation
4.82.1 KT Corporation: Company Overview
4.82.2 KT Corporation: Financial Overview
4.82.3 KT Corporation: Operating Segment
4.82.4 KT Corporation: Connected Cars
4.82.5 KT Corporation: Recent Developments
4.83 Ligado Networks
4.83.1 Ligado Networks: Company Overview
4.83.2 Ligado Networks: Connected Cars
4.84 Link Motion Oy
4.84.1 Link Motion Oy: Company Overview
4.84.2 Link Motion Oy: Connected Cars
4.84.3 Link Motion Oy: Recent Developments
4.85 Telit Communications PLC
4.85.1 Telit Communications PLC: Company Overview
4.85.2 Telit Communications PLC: Financial Overview
4.85.3 Telit Communications PLC: Operating Segment
4.85.4 Telit Communications PLC: Connected Cars
4.85.5 Telit Communications PLC: Recent Developments
4.86 Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd.
4.86.1 Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd.: Company Overview
4.86.2 Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd.: Connected Cars
4.86.3 Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd.: Recent Developments
4.87 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
4.87.1 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation: Company Overview
4.87.2 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation: Financial Overview-
4.87.3 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation: Connected Cars
4.87.4 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation: Recent Developments
4.88 Sentiance
4.88.1 Sentiance: Company Overview
4.88.2 Sentiance: Connected Cars
4.88.3 Sentiance: Recent Developments
4.89 LoJack Corporation
4.89.1 LoJack Corporation: Company Overview
4.89.2 LoJack Corporation: Connected Cars
4.89.3 LoJack Corporation: Recent Developments
4.90 NESS Technologies, Inc.
4.90.1 NESS Technologies, Inc.: Company Overview
4.90.2 NESS Technologies, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.90.3 NESS Technologies, Inc.: Recent Developments
4.91 Intel Corporation
4.91.1 Intel Corporation: Company Overview
4.91.2 Intel Corporation: Financial Overview
4.91.3 Intel Corporation: Connected Cars
4.91.4 Intel Corporation: Recent Developments
4.92 Rambus Inc.
4.92.1 Rambus Inc.: Company Overview
4.92.2 Rambus Inc.: Financial Overview
4.92.3 Rambus Inc.: Operating Segment
4.92.4 Rambus Inc.: Connected Cars
4.92.5 Rambus Inc.: Recent Developments
4.93 Microchip Technology Inc.
4.93.1 Microchip Technology Inc.: Company Overview
4.93.2 Microchip Technology Inc.: Financial Overview
4.93.3 Microchip Technology Inc.: Operating Segment
4.93.4 Microchip Technology Inc.: Connected Cars
4.93.5 Microchip Technology Inc.: Recent Developments
4.94 Gentex Corporation
4.94.1 Gentex Corporation: Company Overview
4.94.2 Gentex Corporation: Financial Overview
4.94.3 Gentex Corporation: Connected Cars
4.94.4 Gentex Corporation: Recent Developments
4.95 BT Group plc
4.95.1 BT Group plc: Company Overview
4.95.2 BT Group plc: Financial Overview
4.95.3 BT Group plc: Operating Segment
4.95.4 BT Group plc: Connected Cars
4.96 TrustArc Inc
4.96.1 TrustArc Inc: Company Overview
4.96.2 TrustArc Inc: Connected Cars
4.97 Metova, Inc.
4.97.1 Metova, Inc.: Company Overview
4.97.2 Metova, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.98 Modus Group, LLC
4.98.1 Modus Group, LLC: Company Overview
4.98.2 Modus Group, LLC: Connected Cars
4.99 Ingenu Inc.
4.99.1 Ingenu Inc.: Company Overview
4.99.2 Ingenu Inc.: Connected Cars
4.99.3 Ingenu Inc.: Recent Developments
4.100 Keysight Technologies, Inc.
4.100.1 Keysight Technologies, Inc.: Company Overview
4.100.2 Keysight Technologies, Inc.: Financial Overview
4.100.3 Keysight Technologies, Inc.: Connected Cars
4.100.4 Keysight Technologies, Inc.: Recent Developments