Table of Content

Table of Contents
Lawyers Are Tasked with Developing Regulations and Litigating Issues 3
Drone Delivery, Self-Driving Cars, And Robots 3
Digital Economy Consists of The Internet of Things, Robots, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, And Smart Devices 4
IoT Monitoring Task 6
MEMs Sensor Applications 6
WinterGreen Research Has a Lot of Studies in Print Relevant To Lawyers Who Need To Understand The Digital Economy 8
Autonomous Vehicle Car Services 9
Lidar Summary Example 10
LIDAR Stands for Light Detection and Remote Sensing 10
Semiconductors Used in Sensing 11
Biomaterials Inside CI Biological Materials That Are Implanted into The Ear Area 12
Watson Data Platform 12
400G Optical Transceivers 13
400G Transmitter / Transceivers 14
Mega Datacenter Online Commerce, Streaming Video, Social Networking, And Cloud Services 15
Adapter Processor Wired Scalable Infrastructure 16
Services Cost and Description 18
Deliverables 18
Cost 18
Project Team Approach 18
Time and Length 18