Background on Whole Foods p3

Total US Organic sales and growth 2006 -15 p4

Why Whole Foods is now struggling p5

Whole Foods: struggling against a multitude of new challengers p6

Whole Foods: interest in meal kits p7

Whole Foods: launching meal kits p8

Whole Foods: 365, responding to the challenge from Trader Joe’s, Sprouts et al p9

Whole Foods: 365 first store opened in Silver Lake, LA p10

Whole Foods: 365, partnering with on trend food service partners and Instacart p11

Whole Foods: 365 Portland partnering with local foodservice heroes p12

The Amazon acquisition p13

Benefits: WHF stores and infrastructure making AMZN a national player overnight, introduction of AMZN products in store p15

Access to an established food supply chain and supplier relationships, but many small scale and regional p16

Expanding Amazon’s grocery logistics footprint, back end of interest to AmazonFresh – to a degree p17

Whole Food stores as hub for Amazon Fresh? Probably not, perhaps opportunity for PrimeNow p18

The problem with an Instacart style offering from Amazon, smart warehouses versus dumb store and in store picking p19

Introducing technology innovations into Whole Foods back end and front end, AmazonGo, Alexa, Prime for Whole Foods p20

How could Amazon lower Whole Foods prices? Via a new spin off and hybrid between both models p21

Conclusion: this is more about revitalising Whole Foods than anything else p22