Companies in the report:

1 China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (601668.SH)

2 Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. (600170.SH)

3 Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (600491.SH)

4 Ningbo Construction Co., Ltd. (601789.SH)

5 Suzhou Institute Of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (300500.SZ)

6 Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd. (002081.SZ)

7 Chengdu Fusen Noble-house Industrial Co., Ltd. (002818.SZ)

8 Sino Great Wall Co.,Ltd. (000018.SZ)

9 Zhejiang Yasha Decoration Co., Ltd. (002375.SZ)

10 Shenzhen Grandland Group Co.,Ltd. (002482.SZ)

11 Shenzhen Minkave Technology Co., Ltd. (300506.SZ)

12 Jangho Group Co., Ltd. (601886.SH)

13 Shenzhen Bauing Construction Holding Group Co., Ltd. (002047.SZ)

14 Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration Co.,Ltd. (002325.SZ)

15 Beijing Honggao Creative Construction Design Co., Ltd. (002504.SZ)

16 Shenzhen Zhongzhuang Construction Group Co., Ltd. (002822.SZ)

17 Shenzhen Qixin Construction Group CO., Ltd. (002781.SZ)

18 Shenzhen Ruihe Construction Decoration Co., Ltd. (002620.SZ)

19 Shenzhen Asantime International Construction Co., Ltd. (002811.SZ)

20 Dong Yi Ri Sheng Home Decoration Group Co., Ltd. (002713.SZ)

21 Shenzhen Jianyi Decoration Group Co., Ltd. (002789.SZ)

22 Lawton Development Co., Ltd. (600209.SH)

23 Shanghai Trendzone Construction Decoration Group Co., Ltd. (603030.SH)

24 Suzhou Kelida Building & Decoration Co., Ltd. (603828.SH)

25 Shenzhen Mingdiao Decoration Co., Ltd. (002830.SZ)