Table of Content

Executive Summary
Key Findings
Market Engineering Measurements—New Registration
Market Engineering Measurements—Portfolio
Market Engineering Measurements—Leasing
Research Scope, Objectives, and Methodology
Research Objectives and Methodology
Project and Research Scope
Sector Definitions
Macro Economical Analysis
Socioeconomic Environment
PESTLE Analysis
Drivers and Restraints—Fleet and Leasing Market
Market Drivers
Market Drivers Explained
Market Restraints
Market Restraints Explained
Penetration Trend Analysis—Fleet and Leasing Market
Market Structure
Fleet and Leasing Market—New Registrations
Fleet and Leasing Market—Portfolio
Passenger Vehicles Company Cars—New Registrations
Passenger Vehicles Company Cars—Portfolio
Market Share and Competitive Analysis—Fleet and Leasing Market

Competitor Portfolio Analysis—Leasing
Key Conclusions

Key Conclusions
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